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Jeremy v2

Jeremy Krol


Jeremy works with entrepreneurs to build technologies and products with measurable benefits in markets where innovation can drive evolution. He is an entrepreneur at heart with a demonstrated history in the startup tech space bringing skills and experience in operations, technology commercialization, venture capital, capital markets and management.

Jeremy grew up looking at the stars, wanting to be an astronaut.  He graduated at the top of his class in Aerospace Engineering and then advanced his career through various roles in engineering/design, sales and management.  With an MBA in Finance he moved into public markets and investment banking followed by significant hands-on, in-the-trenches, corporate development startup experience. He has a passion for high-quality work and an attention to detail and enjoys working with high-energy, creative, thinkers.

Jeremy is an avid skier, fitness nut, and pilot and enjoys buzzing around the western provinces in a Cessna 172.  His signature dishes at home include almost anything on the smoker, homemade thin-crust pizza, and he recently mastered sourdough bread during the pandemic. 

You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.