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Mac Van Wielingen

Mac Van Wielingen

Founder and Partner, ARC Financial Corp

Mac Van Wielingen is an energy executive, private equity investor, corporate director, and philanthropist. He is a Founder, Director (1989 - 2018), and Partner (Present) of ARC Financial Corp., the largest private equity investment management company in Canada focused on the energy sector; and a founder and former Chair (1996-2016) of ARC Resources Ltd., a leading Canadian oil and gas producer. Van Wielingen joined the inaugural Board of Directors of Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) in 2007 and served as Chair from 2014-2017. He is also the founder and Chairman of Viewpoint Group, a private group of companies, which includes Viewpoint Foundation, Viewpoint Research, and Viewpoint Investment Partners (VIP), an investment management company offering a foundational, global investment alternative for high net-worth families and institutional investors. Van Wielingen is a founding partner of the Creative Destructive Lab - Rockies (CDL-R). and Co-Founder and former Chair (2012-2020) for the External Advisory Group of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL) at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, and the Vice Chair and founding member of the Business Council of Alberta (BCA). In 2019, he served on the advisory committee that created the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC), and most recently, Mac was appointed to the Premier’s Economic Recovery Council in Alberta.