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Globalizing Calgary Tech Vol. 5 | Local Companies with Global Connections

Published: Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Globalizing Calgary Tech is a series of thoughtfully curated virtual discussions that help connect our community, put the spotlight on local tech and innovation leaders and learn from cities leading in tech and innovation around the world. These discussions and their takeaways lead to action, helping focus our work to massively grow the size of Calgary’s startup and innovation ecosystem.

In Globalizing Calgary Tech: Vol. 5, we explored how local companies can build global connections and why global companies are choosing Calgary-based solutions for their work. Our panelists included Terry Sydoryk, CEO of Chaordix; Johnny Castrup, Digital Product Director, Head of LEGO Ideas; Karen Schuett, Co-Founder, CEO, Livestock Water Recycling; and Patrick McGinn, Executive VP, Business Operations, CoolIT Systems. Patrick Lor, Managing Partner at Panache Ventures moderated the discussion. 

Here’s what founders with businesses looking to reach global should know:

  1. You can build a global company in Calgary. We heard from two successful Calgary companies who don’t have any Canadian customers, showing that not having local customers isn’t a barrier to success. That being said, even with global customers, these companies are still making local connections within their community — they’re local success stories, even if their customers aren’t here yet. 
  2. ESG-related core value propositions are important. Despite Alberta’s reputation of apathy towards environmental issues, our province has among the highest environmental, human rights and labour standards of any major energy producer. As a result of this, many Alberta companies — like the ones we heard from in this conversation — were built to solve environmental problems. With a workforce that is dedicated to these standards, and companies built specifically to solve important problems, we have the opportunity to lead this sector — creating an industry focused on sustainability that adds value globally.
  3. Understanding global trends where Calgary solutions can lead. Local companies like CoolIT and Livestock Water Recycling are solving international problems. By noticing global opportunities and gaps in the market, they positioned themselves to have a global reach. These companies were ahead of their time in terms of solutions that were needed locally, and have been able to serve internationally in the meantime — though they’re eager to take on Canadian customers when the opportunity comes. 

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