Calgary Technologies Inc. rebrands to Platform Calgary

On March 4, 2019 Calgary Technologies Inc. will begin rebranding to Platform Calgary. As Platform Calgary, our focus will remain on supporting Calgary's innovation-driven companies by providing access to space, programming and advocacy, while also championing the vision for the new Platform Innovation Centre's design, activity, and culture. Our name change comes at the heels of our recent announcement as the new operator of the Platform Innovation Centre opening in East Village in the fall of 2020.

Why Platform Calgary?

There is a need to make innovation more accessible and visible to our community and this rebrand aligns with the City of Calgary's 10-Year Economic Strategy. Platform started with the idea of transforming Calgary into a global innovation hub. As Platform Calgary, we are turning that idea into action. Through this work the next wave of shared prosperity is being generated in our city, transforming local businesses into international success stories. By working together, we can make Calgary a global hub for startups and innovation.

It is about elevating innovation, and Platform Calgary is the next phase and evolution of Calgary Technologies Inc.

What's next?

March 4, 2019 marks our first official day of business as Platform Calgary. Over the next few months, you will see our materials transitioning over to our new name and brand. Our long-term priority is to put a focus on innovation in the heart of downtown Calgary. On March 4, 2019, we are opening Platform Beta at the Hillier Block in East Village. This historic 5,300-sq-ft building will serve as our interim downtown facility while the Platform Innovation Centre is being built.

We will continue to operate and provide services out of the Alastair Ross Technology Centre and The Inc.

Save the date for May 15, 2019: Annual Report to Community, Demo Day and Strategy Launch in the new Central Library. The event will showcase our Junction program graduates and will be the public launch event for our new Platform Calgary identity and strategic plan.

Have a question?

Contact us at communications@calgarytechnologies.com


The following technologies have been assessed and reviewed by our expert team and are currently available for licensing or sponsored research.

Best practice programs to support early-phase startups from idea to revenue.

  • Programs / Workshops
    • Junction 31

      Junction 31

      Applications for Cohort 3 now open

      A pre-seed program that helps build a strong foundation for innovation-driven entrepreneurs.


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    • Discover


      Registration for spring 2019 now open

      Understanding customer behaviour is essential to your startup success. This applied program teaches how to engage customers and discover their motivations, preferences and needs. 

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Sales 101

      321 Growth Academy: Sales 101

      Registration now open!

      A full-day crash-course in B2B sales for business and technical founders and execs.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Lean Sales

      321 Growth Academy: Lean Sales

      Registration now open!

      This program includes eight half day sessions plus a one-on-one coaching session.  

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Marketing 101

      321 Growth Academy: Marketing 101

      Registration now open!

      Marketing 101 is a full-day crash course in B2B marketing for business and technical founders. You’ll learn how to create an effective marketing capacity in your company, assess where you’re at, and develop an action plan to get you from here to there.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Growth Marketing

      321 Growth Academy: Growth Marketing

      Registration now open!

      An eight-week course for Startup Founders, Executives and Marketing Leaders to take a “learning by doing” approach to marketing impact. It’s all about assessing your market and current marketing, learning new marketing ideas and approaches and putting them into action by working on real-world marketing challenges facing your company. The outcome? A more focused and impactful return on your marketing investment and marketing that drives revenue for your business.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: People 101

      321 Growth Academy: People 101

      Coming Fall 2019

      A full-day crash course in human resources (HR) for business and technical founders and leaders. You’ll learn how to build an effective people capacity in your company, how to assess where you’re at with your HR function and how to develop an action plan so you can attract and develop the culture and team you need to grow.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Agile HR

      321 Growth Academy: Agile HR

      Coming Fall 2019

      Agile HR is an 8-session program for startup founders, executives and people/HR leaders to take an agile and “learning by doing” approach to the People/HR function. 

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    Programs / Workshops

  • Accelerator Programs
    • TELUS Accelerator & Incubator Programs

      TELUS Accelerator & Incubator Programs

      CTI and TELUS partner to support Canadian technology startups at all stages of growth. At the early stage, the TELUS Technology Incubator (TTI) helps startups develop a robust go to market strategy. For growth stage startups, the TELUS Technology Accelerator (TTA) offers a combination of advisory services that strengthen all aspects of their business, leading to increased growth, higher visibility with potential customers and investors, and potential enterprise opportunities with TELUS.

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    Accelerator Programs

  • Services
    • CEO Roundtable

      CEO Roundtable

      A monthly peer advisory forum for CEOs, board members and founders of technology companies to openly discuss their challenges in a confidential, safe environment. The goal of the roundtables are to provide "just-in-time" advice on current issues, enhance accountability and accelerate actions/decisions. 

      "This roundtable has transformed our company, period. There are not enough good things I can say about this group. Even banks recognize its significance toward the foundation for a strong company." - Jeremy Bridge

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    • Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      The Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) is a volunteer organization that provides objective, conflict-free guidance to entrepreneurs in southern Alberta. Each entrepreneur is matched with a team of mentors, which gives a more in-depth experience than traditional one-on-one relationships.

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    • Startup Visa

      Startup Visa

      Canada's Startup Visa (SUV) Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high-growth businesses in Canada that will support innovation and job creation. 

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    • Global Opportunities in Calgary

      Global Opportunities in Calgary

      As a champion of the innovation ecosystem, CTI and our partners are helping to drive change and establish Calgary as a global hub. Explore some of our global opportunities in Calgary.

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    • Funding Support

      Funding Support

      Prepare your approach to venture financing through performing a "12 Point Business Assessment".

      Having a plan to fund your business from many sources, which may include equity investors, is just as important as your business plan.

    • Intellectual Property

      Intellectual Property

      Questions about intellectual property? Want to learn more? Connect with our partners at Innovate Calgary. 

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March Business in Calgary featuring Sponsor Energy

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Using Your Power for Good
should not only power your business, it
should empower your community.” That is the drive
behind socially conscious energy retailer, Sponsor
Energy. This Calgary-based company provides power and
natural gas services to homes and businesses throughout
Alberta all while donating 50 per cent of profits on every kWh
of electricity and every GJ of gas consumed by customers to a
local non-profit organization or charity of their choice.
“We are focused on building a sustainable, thriving business
by helping our customers turn an ordinary, everyday
procurement decision into a tool to change the world.
Investment in our community isn’t just a part of Sponsor
Energy’s business, it is the core of our business,” says
Carolyn Martin, president and CEO, Sponsor Energy.
Their business model supports the belief that consumers
should have the right to make a meaningful difference in the
world without paying higher prices for products. By partnering
with local charities dedicated to fighting disease, addiction and
homelessness, Sponsor Energy has created an opportunity
for customers to use their energy for good by supporting the
community and preserving the environment, all while enjoying
rates that are competitive with Alberta’s major energy retailers.
Martin explains that social issues, such as homelessness,
poverty and animal welfare, cannot solely rely on the
support of government programs and private donations.
“In our current economic climate, charitable organizations are
experiencing an ever-increasing demand for their services, while
simultaneously facing challenges in raising sufficient funds
via donations and grants to provide these services. I wanted
to make it easy for people to change the world. What better
product to focus on than one that everyone needs to consume –
the energy to power and to heat our homes and businesses; and
so, Sponsor Energy was born,” explains Martin.
In addition to helping a great cause, customers also have
the opportunity to implement low-cost electricity options
sourced from renewable assets, use 100 per cent green energy
for all or part of their business, and obtain renewable energy
certificates as well as energy efficiency audits and upgrades.
Sponsor Energy also recently partnered with a global
gaming company to create LobbyBob, a real-time energy
and electricity monitor that influences energy consumption
behaviour by showing people how their actions affect usage
in commercial buildings.
Sponsor Energy has partnered with more than 50
charities and an estimated 6,000-plus residential customer
equivalents. It continues to grow as it increases its
residential, small business and commercial customer base
throughout Canada and the United States.
Most recently, Sponsor Energy launched a community
partner campaign with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra,
the Calgary Public Library Foundation and the Alberta
Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) offering new Sponsor
Energy clients a discount on their energy rates all while
making a difference in contributing to these charities.
“We are demonstrating without a shadow of a doubt that it is
possible to build a sustainable business that delivers value to
its customers while helping to change the world at the same
time,” says Martin.
To put your energy to good while contributing to a safer,
stronger and healthier community right in your own
backyard, visit sponsorenergy.com.
To learn more about Innovate Calgary and how it supports
new and emerging technology, visit innovatecalgary.com.

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