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Our Action Plan to Accelerate Calgary's Tech & Innovation Economy

Our vision is to make Calgary the best place in the world to start and grow a tech company.  

Our strategy is twofold:

We elevate Calgary tech by providing core infrastructure, supporting aligned partners, building community and sharing the story.

We operate connected hubs of excellence that advance startups, investors, talent, and industry.

Our approach

Welcome Everyoneactively engage and empower people from underserved populations and with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Collaborate like nowhere else - set ambitious shared targets and build a city-wide culture based on trust and giving back (and don’t worry about who gets the credit).

Make resources easy to access - create frictionless pathways for founders, investors, talent and enterprises to get connected and supported.

Don’t settle for anything but the best - benchmark and invest to make every aspect of the Calgary ecosystem globally competitive and connected to leading partners and regions.

Tell the story - build momentum and elevate successes through powerful communication channels, inspiring events and intelligent advocacy.

Be relentless - play the long game, patiently focusing on the things that matter most to founders, trying again and again and again when faced with obstacles.

Platform Ecosystem Impact Scorecard May 2022 05 1

Join our community of innovators driving growth and velocity in Calgary's tech ecosystem.

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